Selfportait drawn with ink, pencil and/or charcoal(so: no paint/watercolour and so forth AND NO SELFIES BY PHONE/CAMERA).
Size: DIN A4.
Place them at the Facebookcommunity AND in case of an exhibition (which will be announced here and on Facebook) send them to Ed Hanssen(requests for my address can be placed at the contact requestpage.
Selfportraitdrawings will be returned or swapped, if a returnenvelope is added to the selfportrait(for Dutch participants: think about the poststamps).
On the back of the drawing you place:
- your name,
- address,
- place,
- website,
- emailaddress,
- R for Return or
- S for Swap.
If the R or S are not on it the drawings will nót be returned.
Keep that in mind.