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GAPI at Hanam Street Art Festival, Hanam, South-Korea
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(6)        'Hanam Street Arts Festival' is over with great success.
Hanam Art Center, positioned as a great cultural content of Hanam City
The 20th Hanam Street Arts Festival hosted by Hanam Arts Center
(sponsored by Han Seong-joon) and sponsored by Hanam City and
Hanam School Association was held from 1 pm to 5 pm at Hanam Union Park Lawn Plaza.
The 20th annual Hanam Street Arts Festival was attended by more than 500 cultural artists,
not only from local artists but also from youth, fellow clubs, and the Henan Academy.
In addition, there were exhibitions of samulnori performance, Taekwondo demonstration, self-defense,
dance, broadcasting dance, various music performances, digital photo exhibition, art exhibition,
special art exhibition, cartoon, and cartoons exhibition of Korea Cartoon Association. Paintings,
and paintings were put in place, and it became a day to spend a good time together with parents.
Particularly, some of the works of Visible Poetry Connecting The World, in which more than 150 artists
from 25 countries around the world will participate in this exhibition, will be exhibited in Hanam City
and Gwangju City from January next year.
"Hanam Street Art Festival is a place where cultural arts artists from diverse fields coexist in one,
so it is an event to realize the win-win and cooperation of culture and arts people."
"This Hanam Street Arts Festival is a place where Hanam citizens and arts and culture groups enjoy
and sympathize I am looking forward to demonstrating my talent and positioning myself as
one of the great cultural contents of Hanam City. "
Meanwhile, Han Sang-joon, the executive committee chairman of the event, said,
"As the years go on, the Hanam Street Arts Festival is growing into a local festival with the people of Hanam."
Also, Hanam City is a great local culture and arts event I ask you to gather up your strength
with lots of love and interest so that you can develop. "
Visible Poetry Newspaperarticles:
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