Exhibition in Finland in 2018 - Silence - Curated by Anneli di Francis - Deadline for submissions 30Jan2017
Dear GAPi,
We have a beautiful news regarding our new exhibition in Finland in 2018: in which artists from ArtNations, GAPi network and Peace and Art Society are eligible to participate.
Where: Seinäjoki Art Hall, Upankatu 3, 60100 Seinäjoki, Finland
Planned time:
September – October 2018 (exact dates given later)
Silence can be comfortable, safe, and disturbing and cold. In silence individual needs to confront one’s deeper self, deepest fears and hopes. In northern cultures and especially in Finnish mentality silence is a part of being human, allowing space for thought and respect towards the nature and fellow humans.
How do you feel the silence? How it is reacted to in your culture? Is it a positive or a negative force, and why?
Size of the space: we have a big and beautiful space allocated for this exhibition.
Number of artworks per participating artist to be shown: 3.
Submissions outside EU: to avoid customs issues and lengthy shipment, canvas prints like for our previous Iranian exhibition can be ordered - in such case costs for the canvas printing will be beared by corresponding artists who live in non-EU countries.
Submission process: please read and follow exactly the instructions
Participants are asked to email to Anneli 5 photos of their artworks for review, selection and the decision.
Title of submission email: Silence, Finland 2018, artist name. Please state your name, country, website address (if available), email address (if available), include short biography, and 5 images of your artworks, specifying titles of each artwork, media / technique, size in cm, and year. Please send everything in ONE EMAIL to Anneli Di Francis (
All media is accepted.
Size of artwork: minimum 60x70cm.
Artist is responsible for the artwork shipment costs: sending and return costs. It is possible to send canvases rolled up without working frames. Then they will be hanged contemporary way with clips. That applies also to works on paper.
The art hall provides us the space, inauguration cocktails, and printing of invitations and posters.
Catalog: e-catalog for the exhibition will be - Dieter Hess, our ArtNations member, board member and professional graphic-designer kindly agreed to prepare e-catalog.
Participation fee: 50€ per artist which will be paid upon acceptance to the Finnisch Organizers of the exhibition via Anneli.
Deadline for submissions: by 30th January 2017.
More information will follow.
All the best and creativity,
Anneli Di Francis