Exhibition theme is: ARTQUAKE
Exhibition opening time is: 13 July 2019 (15 days)
First of all thank you so much for your interest in this project.
This project is a part of the idea to bring art and artists to the unknown areas of Anatolia (Turkey).
At the start of “Nigde Fine Arts Association” we want to open exhibitions at our gallery located in Nigde city and
than in the available times move the same works to the open air exhibitions in the unknown areas and villages of Turkey.
We want our people to know the foreign art and artists.
This is a kind of culture transfer. Many times I have realized art events in Nigde city and the results were unbelievable.
(for more info please search “17 ülkeden 42 sanatçi” or “Safa Büte videos”).
Nigde city is located in the middle of Cappadocia.
Once upon a time it was the capital city of Cappadocia.
It has so many old buildings which remain from Selçuklu and Ottoman time. Apollonus lived in Nigde city
and the only fresco of smilling Madonna of the World is in Nigde.
The capacity of our gallery is so fine for art works between 40-60 or more.
Due to the difficulty of transferring original artworks and sending back by cargo costs a lot of money.
But now we have technology to print and exhibit. So instead of originals we are going to print on canvas and frame
here in Turkey. (50x70cm).
I want please all the digital copies to be taken in jpg format and 300 dpi, because we want to get the best print.
Printing and framing the artworks, opening cocktail, printed materials etc cost 55 us dollars per artist.
The participating artists have to send:
their name,
contact info (phone number),
work info and original price (this info is for the people if interested to buy original-we will let the person contact to artist directly),
digital copy (jpg 300dpi) of his/her work and CV.
The deadline is 15 May 2019.
Participating fee will be send between the dates of 01-15 May 2019 (I will send bank account).
This exhibition is only open for the foreign artists.
For the Turkish artists will be open a group exhibition in sept or oct 2019.
But all the foreign artists who are member of our association are invited.
Nigde Fine Arts Association will realize this event for your organizations/associations, GAPI and PAS.
Important thing is to have 40-50 artists together at the exhibition.
Other solutions:
1. If more than 80 or more artists want to take part we can open a few group exhibitions in different dates.
2. Or, later on, in the future; GAPI or PAS or another organisation/association want to open exhibitions we can do it.
Such as, only artists from GAPI or only artists from PAS.
3. Or a group artists from different countries.
These art events will be contunied in next years and future.
If any questions, please contact me; 0090532 664 06 76.
All the best and warm regards,
President of Nigde Fine Arts Association
Ritok Lajos – Macaristan – Hungaria
Tito Barajas – Mexico – Meksika
Bianca Abugannam – Mexico – Meksika
Anneli Di Francis – Finland – Finlandia
Sonia Cabanas – Mexico – Meksika
Gloria Keh – Singapore – Singapur
Marietta Patricia Leis – USA – ABD
Ben Helmink – Portugal – Portekiz
Carlos Aranha – Canada – Kanada
Star Trauth – USA – ABD
Arrachme – USA – ABD
John Powell – Jamaica – Jamaika
Guida Pereira – Portugal – Portekiz
Abdolreza Rabeti – Iran – Iran
Müberra Bülbül – Turkey – Türkiye
Chung Jin-Hwan – Republic of Korea – Kore Cumhuriyeti
Park Joo-young – Republic of Korea – Kore Cumhuriyeti
Jang Seong-won – Republic of Korea – Kore Cumhuriyeti
Diederik Grootjans – Netherlands – Hollanda
Ana Paula Almeida – Portugal – Portekiz
Jeniffer Leocadio – Brazil – Birezilya (video art)
Tania Verhasselt – Belgium – Belçika
Paulo Duarte Filipe – Portugal – Portekiz
Julio Antao – Portugal – Portekiz
Ireen Sanderse – Netherlands – Hollanda
Young Sil Park – Republic of Korea – Kore Cumhuriyeti
Jang Dae Seok – Republic of Korea – Kore Cumhuriyeti
Yun Byung Ho – Republic of Korea – Kore Cumhuriyeti
Guida Vaz – Portugal – Portekiz
Derya Avci – Turkey – Türkiye
Yoo Choong Yeul – Republic of Korea – Kore Cumhuriyeti
Ed Hanssen – Netherlands – Hollanda
Fred van Welie – Netherlands – Hollanda
Carmen Heemels – Netherlands – Hollanda
Hasan Ariz – Turkey – Türkiye
Binnur Yücebas – Turkey – Türkiye
Caetano Ramalho – Portugal – Portekiz
Ben Helmink – Netherlands – Hollanda
Hong Sung Kang – Republic of Korea – Kore Cumhuriyeti
Moon-Tae Kim – Republic of Korea – Kore Cumhuriyeti
Kim Bo Seong – Republic of Korea – Kore Cumhuriyeti
Yoo Lim Kim – Republic of Korea – Kore Cumhuriyeti
Sang Jun Han – Republic of Korea – Kore Cumhuriyeti
M. Sami Kaymak – Turkey – Türkiye
Safa Büte – Turkey – Türkiye
Yu Eeun-ju - Republic of Korea - Kore Cumhuriyeti
Kim Young Shin - Republic of Korea - Kore Cumhuriyeti
Choi Su Yeol - Republic of Korea - Kore Cumhuriyeti
Massimo Ruocco – Italy - Italya